Ayenachew’s Story

Typically, children and their parents arrive for registration day in hopes to be seen for surgery. Usually there are several hundreds of patients waiting to be seen.

Mulat’s Story

Many of our patients walk long distances to visit our doctors. This is 14 month old Mulat whose arm was burned in a cooking accident as an infant. Her mother’s back was turned for only a second [...]

2015 Update

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and donors, RESTOR International’s November 2014 mission to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia was an incredible success. More than 200 people sought out our clinic, [...]

The Wards

Our patients and family members often travel great distances to be served by our mission.  For some, it is a 5 day trip from their homes to the Gamby Hospital.  When they do arrive, they are seen [...]

The Addis Ababa Bole Rotary Club

Mekedes Digafe and Zena Debasu kindly met us at the Bole airport in Addis Ababa to see that everything had gone well on our flight and if we needed any help with anything.  We were fine and only [...]

Our Mission Director’s Second Report

Jean Bird It is now Day 8 of the mission for our team.  Each day we are finding things are running better and we are able to get new systems in place. By the end of today, We expect to have [...]

The Mayor and the Media

On Tuesday the 18th, the mayor of Bahir Dar, Lake Ayalew Anten came to the hospital to see what we were doing.  He was impressed, especially regarding our burn repair work.  After several [...]


Some Pictures from the Operating and Recovery Rooms

This is where the patients and families first come to the hospital. After the patient has been examined by the doctors, they are then registered for surgery. Joanne McKechnie and Sharon Romank [...]

Tim Cowan and a Regular Day at the Office

Tim Cowan I am the Sterilizer for the mission and my day starts at the hospital when I enter a restricted area and go into a male change area to don my hospital scrubs, mask and gloves and cover [...]


We Visit the Maternity Ward at the Public General Hospital

Dr. Katherine Gross our only paediatrician on our mission has been very busy at the Gamby Hospital but still found time to accept an invitation to visit the Pediatric Ward at the Bahir Dar Public [...]