RESTOR International’s work is made possible by the generosity of our mission sponsors, donors, and volunteers. We perform approximately 90 surgeries per mission at a cost of between $80,000 and $120,000, depending upon the site and country we travel to.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for Rotary Clubs and Districts as well as other service oriented organizations, private foundations, and individual donors. Volunteer opportunities are also available for medical and non-medical personnel.

Multi-Disciplinary Surgical Teams

Teams include reconstructive plastic surgeons with special training in cleft care, pediatricians, nurses, paediatric anaesthesiologists, surgeons of other disciplines as needed (i.e., gynecologists) as well as dentists and orthodontists, if needed. These highly skilled professionals work closely with local hospital staff and doctors sharing techniques and working side-by-side to augment and increase care and capacity for treatment. Non-medical volunteers, who pay for their own transportation, perform valuable tasks such as patient registration, instrument sterilization, translation, patient transport, quartermaster duties, photojournalism and comforting families. RESTOR International missions vary in size with teams ranging from 15 to 35 members. A typical mission lasts two weeks.

International Partnerships

RESTOR International travels by invitation to each site, working with hospitals, surgeons, local governments, NGO’s and other groups to bring needed care and medical equipment and supplies, if required. Working in partnership with Rotary Clubs and Rotarian volunteers at home and at mission sites, RESTOR International builds the logistical capability necessary to support medical teams and to help establish self-sufficiency in the countries where we work.


RESTOR International is an organization built on volunteer spirit. If you are interested in joining a medical mission, look for information on how to be a medical or non-medical volunteer.

Upcoming Missions

If you would like information about available missions or if you would like to personally sponsor a mission, or gather a group of friends, family, or colleagues to sponsor a mission please contact us at info@restorinternational.ca

Gamby Burn Clinic

RESTOR International’s November 2014 mission to Bahir Dar Ethiopia reinforced the urgent need to continue to expand our work in chronic burn care services to help treat the terrible disfigurements caused by open fires.

During this mission, over 50 surgeries alone involved burn contracture release. Where possible, Dr. Stan Valnicek and his team were able to surgically remove the thick scar tissue that settles around a healed burn and causes horrible disfigurement and physical disability. Third degree burns are a chronic problem in Ethiopia, often afflicting young children who fall into the flames. Without the most basic burn treatments that are available in places like Canada the resulting injuries cause a life of disability, pain, and social isolation.

What we were able to accomplish in November was only possible because of our PARTNERSHIP: our hosts at the Gamby Hospital were incredible, providing clinical support and facilities; our Ethiopian Rotaract volunteers were absolutely essential, providing translation, transportation, and logistical help; and of course to the Rotary clubs, fellow Rotarians, and individual donors who fund our work.

We see the hope and optimism for a better life in the smiles of our patients—together we are restoring lives by providing the urgent and sometimes basic medical care that we take for granted in Canada.

Past Missions

RESTOR International (as Rotaplast Canada and in partnership with Rotaplast International) has funded and/or facilitated 12 missions to various areas in developing countries since 2004.

Location Date Patients Served
Iquique, Chile February 2004 69
Batangas, Philippines November 2004 103
Da Nang, Vietnam March 2006 91
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia November 2006 97
Cebu City, Philippines November 2007 87
Karaikel, India April 2008 56
Chengde, China October 2008 122
Bahir Dar, Ethiopi November 2009 82
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia November 2012 58
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia November 2014 71
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia November 2016 53 + 15 funded by RESTOR
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia November 2018 39

These missions were funded with help from many Okanagan Rotary clubs and featured Okanagan and Canadian and medical and non-medical volunteers.

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