Nardos Tassew of Bahir Dar

We are very saddened by the loss of Nardos Tassew of Bahir Dar. She was a wonderful person and was our translator during RESTOR’S 2016 medical mission to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Nardos made [...]


Dr. Gebeyaw Tiruneh Visits Kelowna

Dr. Gebeyaw Tiruneh the CEO of the Gamby Teaching Hospital in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia was in Vancouver for a conference in early July. He made a special trip to Kelowna to reconnect with the RESTOR [...]


Cure Hospital Referral Program

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Eriksen, we have also established an agreement with the Cure Hospital in Addis Ababa (an American funded and operated hospital) which allows Dr. Eriksen to provide 10 [...]


shine & DINE – September 8, 2016

A RESTOR International charitable benefit shining a light on extraordinary local humanitarian work On Thursday, September 8, 2016, our RESTOR International charitable benefit at the Laurel [...]


Our Medical Mission – Ethiopia 2016

RESTOR International Inc. returned to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia in April 2016. RESTOR International returned to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia in 2016 to continue our work that was started in November 2014.  The [...]

2015 Update

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and donors, RESTOR International’s November 2014 mission to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia was an incredible success. More than 200 people sought out our clinic, [...]