Jean Bird
It is now Day 8 of the mission for our team.  Each day we are finding things are running better and we are able to get new systems in place.

By the end of today, We expect to have completed 57 surgeries.  We have 2 more full days to go and hopefully we will have done 75 surgeries by Wednesday evening.  We have a few minor surgeries to do on Thursday, followed by post op clinic.
Everyday new people arrive hoping to have surgery.  Our schedules are set for the rest of the week, but we try to leave a little “wiggle” room, as it is always hard to say no.

Some of the patients that we have seen and assessed have been referred to Dr. Einar Eriksen in Addis Ababa and others will be coming back to the Gamby Hospital next year to see us.

One young adult has extreme burn contractures from a burn 28 years ago.  The burns were on his neck and upper chest and the contractors have pulled his face down to his chest, resulting in serious neurological involvement in the spine.  Dr. Valnicek will see if he can solicit the help of another charity, in collaboration with an American or Canadian hospital in order to have this life changing surgery done for this young person.

We have had great response to our lectures to date and have 3 planned for this week.  Our final topics range from Basic Resuscitation,Defibrillation, CPR, wound debridement, to managing a child in seizure.
The team took a well deserved day off on Sunday and participated in a few tourist activities or just caught up on some sleep.

Other than playing tag in bed with bedbugs and a few with gastric issues, all is well with us.


Downtown street with a view of St. George Church in Bahir Dar.


We often use the blue and white 3-wheeled vehicles to get to and from the hospital. They are called Bajaj’s.

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