RESTOR International is governed by a Board of Directors that has fiduciary responsibility over the organization. The Board is responsible for the stewardship of RESTOR International.

Board of Directors
  • John McCormack – President
  • Adrienne Skinner
  • Brian Elliott
  • Gordon Savage
  • Keith Tatton
  • Jeannie Bird
  • Kim East
  • Lisa van den Brink
  • Min He
  • Joanne McKechnie
  • Sarah Rambold – Volunteer Executive Director
  • Heather King – Administration
Medical Consultant
  • Dr. Stan Valnicek, MD, FRCSC, FACS – Lead Plastic Surgeon
  • Bent Harder
  • Brenda Bell
  • Bud McGrath
  • Dennis Gabelhouse
  • Dr. Cliff Moore
  • Dr. Iain Allan
  • Howard Peet
  • Joanne McKechnie
  • Kathy Butler
  • Lisa Hammond
  • Lois Serwa
  • Lorne Ettinger
  • Mary Ann McKenzie
  • Richard Ingram
  • Rita Henderson
  • Sadie Clausing
  • Sarah Rambold
  • Sharron Simpson
  • Terri Serwa
  • William Redmond
Bahir Dar, Ethiopian Mission 2018

Medical Team Volunteers:

Plastic Surgeons:
Dr. Adil Ladak – Edmonton
Dr. Genevieve Caron – Montreal

Dr. Gillian Moll – Victoria

Dr. Katheryn Leccese – Edmonton

Surgical Care Coordinator:
Kim East – Parksville

Medical Team Assistant:
Dr. Bill East – Parksville

Debbie Earnshaw – Kelowna
Lisa Van den Brink – Kelowna

Anita Riggs – Kelowna

Kelowna Mission Director:
Gordon Savage – Kelowna

Non-Medical Volunteers:

Burn Prevention Educator:
Gayanne Pacholzuk – Kelowna

Photojournalist & Quartermaster:
Brian Elliott – Kelowna

Medical Records:
Deb Nolan – Comox

Assistant Medical Records & Fire Prevention Educator:
Keith Tatton – Courtenay

Bahir Dar, Ethiopian Mission 2016

Medical Team Volunteers:
Plastic Surgeons:
Dr. Stan Valnicek – Kelowna
Dr. David Williamson – Kelowna
Dr. Adil Ladak – Edmonton

Dr. Bill East – Kelowna
Dr. Gillian Moll – Victoria
Dr. Adrian Rosenberg – Seattle

Faruqa Ladha – Edmonton
Collin Yong – Vancouver

Surgical Care Coordinator:
Kim East – Kelowna

Debbie Earnshaw – Kelowna
Lisa Vander brink – Kelowna
Sheila Jensen – Edmonton
Julie Ter Kuile – Victoria

Occupational Therapist:
David Nelson – Kelowna

Kelowna Mission Director:
Jean Bird – Kelowna

Non-Medical Volunteers:
Deb Nolan – Comox
Tim Cowan – Courtney
Lisa Hammond – Kelowna
Cliff Moore – Kelowna
Peter Schultz – Kelowna
Dina Kotler – Kelowna



RESTOR International depends on private donors, and fundraising events as well as Rotary Clubs to fund their missions.  RESTOR is a “Rotary encouraged organization” and the 2016 Bahir Dar, Ethiopian mission has been made possible in part by a grant from Rotary International.  Rotary International matched funds from Rotary Clubs in Western Canada, locally and the Rotary District 5060.

The following Rotary Club donations helped make this year’s mission a reality:

For the November 2014 mission to Bahri Dar, Ethiopia, Restor was successful in receiving a Vocational Training Team Grant from the Rotary International World Fund for $87,000.  District 5060 contributed $30,000 toward the grant application which was matched 100% by the Rotary Foundation and  donations from the  following Rotary Clubs were matched 50%:

  • Rotary Club of Kelowna
  • Rotary Club of Kelowna – Capri
  • Rotary Club of Kelowna – Okanagan Mission
  • Rotary Club of Kelowna – Sunrise
  • Rotary Club of Penticton
  • Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Bole, Ethiopia

The 2014 mission  would not have been possible without the support of Rotary Clubs, the district and individual Rotarians as well as numerous private individuals.

RESTOR International has applied for a second VTT grant  to help support the April 2016 mission to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia where we are working towards establishing a satellite burn unit within the Gamby Hospital.

RESTOR International is building funding partnerships with various groups that support our vision. Our major partners include:

  • Veranda Beach Resort

For more information on partnership opportunities, please contact us.

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