Mission to Nepal 2020

Postponed – March 2020 Mission to Nepal. Out of an abundance of concern regarding COVID-19, the coronavirus that originated in China, the RESTOR team has decided to postpone its mission to [...]


GOOD FORTUNE, a RESTOR International Charitable Event

On Thursday, September 12, 2019, RESTOR International and keynote speaker, Trent Kitsch, presented an evening of storytelling and inspiration as he shared how he turned his values and goals into [...]


A Dinner and Thank You to Our Translators

We know that any mission that we have done in Ethiopia could not have been done, never mind being an effective one without the dedication of our translators. They are a real asset to our team [...]


Dr. Ladak’s Perspective on the 2018 Mission in Bahir Dar

We are just on the second to last day of our mission here in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. All in all, it has been a very successful mission. We triaged over 100 patients. We had planned to do 25 [...]


Deb and the Days for Girls

Deborah Nolan was introduced to Helen Cox of Courtenay who is part of a volunteer organization named Days for Girls. They sew reusable women’s hygiene products for distribution where they [...]


Husman Mohammed

Husman Mohammed is a 10 year old boy who unfortunately when he was 2, fell into the family’s cooking fire and was burned. He has had the surgery to release the contractures in his neck. [...]


Another School With Gayanne and Muli

It is a lot of fun going to a school with Gayanne and Muli. This morning was no different and was the second school they have been to. We met with Ejigayehu Yimer the Principal of the Gish Abay [...]


Our Workshop with the Nurses

Sustainability results have been a cornerstone of our missions for a number of years now and a mandate of the Rotary Foundations for awarding of grants for projects. We believe that education and [...]


Tigabu Fasikaw in 2018

When Muli our interpreter and I approached the ward to see Tigabu Fasikaw, there were 4 beds and quite a few young men in the room. They had been sharing conversations which stopped when we [...]


An Evening With the Doctors

RESTOR International believes in creating a self-sufficiency from our missions which means that our goal is to make a difference that is permanent wherever we go. This current mission is no [...]

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