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RESTOR International (formerly Rotaplast Canada) was established as a charitable organization in 2004 to provide information, guidance, coordination, and support for Canadian Rotarians and non-Rotarians, including medical professionals, interested in participating in Rotaplast Canada sponsored missions.
RESTOR International funds missions which provide free reconstructive surgery for individuals born with the cleft and palate anomaly and also provides plastic surgery procedures for people suffering from various other disfiguring and disabling conditions, including serious burn contractures. Our missions include full surgical teams who are able to address these needs, as well as provide medical and health training on site so that the local medical teams can become self-sufficient.
Through the generous support of Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, and individual donors and organizations, RESTOR International has  provided financial and volunteer support or facilitation for missions to Chile, China, Ethiopia, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam.


RESTOR International changes lives by collaborating with other non profit organizations to provide free reconstructive surgery to disadvantaged children and adults in developing countries with debilitating cleft lip and palate anomalies, burn injuries, and other disfiguring or disabling medical conditions, deformities that can lead to serious malnutrition, child abandonment and sever social disparagement. With the support of Canadian medical professionals and volunteers, we promote building local capacity by training local physicians and health professionals and promoting the development of sustainable and preventative programs.





We approach each mission the same way, by taking a community first approach. This allows us to assess the needs of the community and medically serve them accordingly.



Our goal is to advance the knowledge in each community by the end of the mission. That’s why we look to educate the local community and teach them techniques that they can continue to use over time.



We work hard to develop a strong volunteer network and donor community who will help lead and support our missions.



This is the driving factor behind each mission, knowing we can inspire hope by transforming lives.

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