Our patients and family members often travel great distances to be served by our mission.  For some, it is a 5 day trip from their homes to the Gamby Hospital.  When they do arrive, they are seen by our doctors and are then registered for surgery, which may take place up to 3 days from registration.  They have no money and nowhere else they can go.  Our mission knew this before we came here and we have budgeted some money for accommodation.  The Gamby Hospital has set aside a ward for us at a nominal rate so that we can have the patients and their families stay here.
The ward is also used by the patients for recovery.  Some of them can be discharged within a day or 2 of their surgery, but need to be seen by a doctor days later for a bandage change and examination before they can actually be discharged.  It is not practical to send them home and have them come back so we have the patient and their families stay here in the ward until they are ready to go.

Today, the Gamby Hospital has opened another ward for us


The following pictures were taken in our post operative ward.



Dr. Gross with a recovering patient.


Tshai with a patient.


Morning rounds.

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