Each RESTOR International mission requires a team of dedicated medical and non-medical to work together. The size of our teams varies depending on the number of operating rooms available at the local hospital and the number of patients we expect to see while on site.

An average medical team is comprised of three to four plastic surgeons, three to four pediatric anesthesiologists, a head nurse, three to four operating room nurses, three recovery room nurses, two pediatricians and a professional who can counsel about prevention and diet. We also invite orthodontists, and other specialists depending on the need of the host country. Please visit the Medical Volunteers section for more information about volunteering with RESTOR International.

Our non-medical volunteers are usually affiliated with the mission Sponsor and are carefully selected. In many cases our pool of volunteers are from Rotary Districts and/or Rotary Clubs sponsoring an international service project with Host Clubs. We ask that our non-medical volunteers’ commitment to RESTOR International go beyond the scope of the immediate medical mission. With a limited number of spaces each year, volunteers become part of our alumni. As such, they help expand our efforts by creating public awareness of the program here in Canada. Please visit the Non-Medical Volunteers section for more information about volunteering with RESTOR International.

Medical Volunteers

We accept applications from medical professionals from the following fields:

  • Plastic Surgeons w/Cleft Care Background
  • Pediatricians
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Operating Room Nurses*
  • Recovery Room Nurses*
  • Orthodontists
  • Surgical specialists in other disciplines as required

* A minimum of two years clinical experience is required in this specialty.

Click on the yellow link for more information:

Medical Volunteer Application

Terms of Medical Volunteer Position

Mission Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Non-Medical Volunteers

Most non-medical positions are filled by Rotarians from the sponsoring Club and Districts. Nevertheless, we welcome applications from anyone who is interested in becoming involved. It is important to seek non-medical volunteers whose commitment to RESTOR International goes beyond the scope of the immediate medical mission. With a limited number of spaces each year, volunteers become part of RESTOR International Alumni. As such, they help expand our efforts by creating public awareness of the program.

Each successful Candidate must agree to fundraise a minimum of $3,000 towards the overall cost of the mission, cover the cost of their airfare and be prepared upon their return to commit to speaking engagements that increase awareness of the work we do as well as generate donations for future missions.

Click on the yellow links for more information:

Non-Medical Volunteer Application

Terms of Non-Medical Volunteer Position

Mission Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Below please find a sampling of the many volunteer positions that non-medical volunteers can apply for during a Mission. Click on the yellow link to open the Non-Medical Volunteer Job Description. Please contact us for more information on these volunteer positions.

  • Mission Director – The Mission Director is a veteran of multiple missions and has been trained and reviewed by experienced Mission Directors. RESTOR always assigns this team member to a mission. The Mission Director sets the tone for the entire trip. The Mission Director should be a Rotarian and supervises the smooth flow of operations from planning right through to the completion of the mission. Included in the responsibilities is facilitating communication among the team and between the team members and hosts. The responsibility for the safety of the team rests with the Mission Director. S/he takes care of assigning tasks to the non-medical staff and making sure that the medical team is able to function efficiently and with as little stress as possible. In addition, the Mission Director oversees communications with the local media and acts as an ambassador of goodwill.
  • Quartermaster – The Quartermaster is a non-medical position, coordinating the movement of medical and other supplies from Canada to our mission destination and back again. The Quartermaster will also assist the mission team or individuals to obtain supplies or personal items both at home and in the host country.
  • Medical Records Keeper – As the name implies, the Medical Records volunteer is responsible for the organization and compilation of all patient medical records. This is a non-medical position and is best suited to a highly organized, methodical, self-directed individual who possesses an excellent working knowledge of patient databases, excel operations and office multi-tasking.
  • Equipment Sterilizer – The Equipment Sterilizer makes sure that the instruments are cleaned and sterilized as the surgeries progress during the day. The Sterilizer also ensures that the instruments are counted and accounted for throughout the day so that no important medical equipment is lost.
  • Photojournalist – The Photojournalist’s role is to record both visually and in writing, a journal of all aspects of the medical mission. This will include conducting interviews and recording the stories of families and patients who will be served by our mission. The Photojournalist will post the stories and pictures in a daily blog on the RESTOR International website for others back home to follow. Promoting the mission to local media and news outlets before and after the trip is also required.
  • Ward Coordinator – A non-medical position, the Ward Coordinator coordinates all activities on the ward. Working with the Mission Director, Surgical Care Coordinator, Head Nurse, and the pediatricians and surgeons, the Ward Coordinator brings any problems to their attention.
  • Patient Transport – This non-medical volunteer may or may not be needed depending on the proximity of the ward to the operating room. If needed, the Patient Transport volunteer wheels patients to the pre-surgery area and, if possible, remains with the patient until s/he is taken to the Operating Room. After surgery the Patient Transport volunteer moves the patient from post op back to the general ward. The Patient Transport volunteer may also function as the Recreation Therapist.
  • Recreation Therapist – The Recreation Therapist’s main role is to comfort and ease the anxieties of patients and their families both before and after surgery with crafts and smiles, good listening skills and compassion.

Other Volunteers

Occasionally, we need volunteers to help us with administrative or fund raising duties. If you would like to support RESTOR International in this capacity, please contact us at info@restorinternational.ca.

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