We know that any mission that we have done in Ethiopia could not have been done, never mind being an effective one without the dedication of our translators. They are a real asset to our team helping at the registration desk where patients arrive to be processed and then be seen by the doctors. They are with us sometimes in the operating room, always needed in the wards translating questions and instructions between our nurses and the patients families and the hospital nurses. Not the least of a translators duties are when they are asked to assist me, the quartermaster procure items and supplies that the surgeons, registration desk or, even just the team needs for refreshments during coffee breaks that aren’t available from the hotel’s coffee break service provided for us at the hospital.

Mulugeta Abew is our main translator and with his large network of friends found us 5 young people to assist with translating for us. He was my partner whenever I had to go shopping and our facilitator whenever we had requests such as arranging tours, which he did with Esubalew Gebeyehu (aka – Jetli), or going to and phone calls with the Ministry of Health to arrange a new hospital visit for some of us.

The RESTOR 2018 team with most of our translators.

Last night, RESTOR took our translators out for a dinner as a way to thank them for all of their hard work. Each of them volunteered their own time to work with us and some missed their own work to be with us.

Mulugeta Alem

Mooli and a new born calf at a school that maintains a small herd of cows for milk for the students.

Muli has been with us on every mission of ours in Ethiopia and we can’t imagine them happening without him.

Thanks Muli!

Esubalew Gebeyhu, a translator and tour guide operator Jetli Gojam Tours.

Dr. Ladak and Kim presenting a certificate to Amanuel Chanie Terera a translator.

Dr. Ladak and Trsit Solomon Abebe 18 years old and is going to University and a translator for us.

“Jetli” is receiving his certificate from Kim.

Dr. Ladak, Kim and of course, Muli receiving his certificate from RESTOR.



Yohannes Girma Bezabih is a chemist and a translator for us.

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