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RESTOR International’s work depends on the generosity of our mission sponsors. The cost of sponsoring a full RESTOR International mission ranges from $80,000 to $120,000 depending upon the site. Sponsorship opportunities are available for Rotary Clubs and Districts as well as other service oriented organizations, private foundations and individual donors. Groups may sponsor as little as 1/3 of a mission or as much as the entire mission. RESTOR International is, likewise, always in need of smaller amounts of support and we welcome any size donation from a group or individual.

RESTOR International provides the logistics and handles all of the details regarding travel, visas, and the volunteers, supplies and equipment required. Sponsorship guarantees a certain number of team positions are reserved for each Mission. Missions travel with eight and 10 non-medical volunteer team members.  Anyone may apply for these positions; however we reserve the right to select final candidates based on team needs. The staff work closely with you and your RESTOR International Mission Director (an assigned trained volunteer) to select the volunteer team.

RESTOR International Provides:

  • Life changing surgery for approximately 80 children per mission
  • Opportunity to be involved in a worthy, hands-on international service project
  • Screening and selection of highly qualified medical professionals
  • Ticketing for team and transportation of boxes of supplies and equipment
  • Provision for housing, in-country transportation, and food for the team
  • Transportation for medical volunteers (non-medical volunteers pay their own airfare)
  • Documentation required by local governments: processing of visas and medical licensing and compilation of lists of contents of boxes of supplies and equipment for customs
  • A trained and experienced Mission Director (a trained non-medical volunteer).

For Rotarian Sponsors

Where possible, your District or Club will be partnered with a Club and District in the host country. Volunteers can expect to be invited to hosted events and to Rotary meetings. They can also expect long days, hard work and fewer amenities than they may be used to. By weeks end, the team of over 20 volunteer medical and non-medical team members will have accomplished miracles for over 80 children and adults and their families.

RESTOR International Will Assist With:

  • Site coordination with Rotarian Club/District hosts
    Facilitation with other Rotary Districts to partner and fundraise for a mission
  • Help with fundraising and grant writing including Rotary Foundation and other Matching Rotary Grants
  • Appointment of a District Ambassador (in conjunction with approval of District Governor) in your District. Training for the Ambassador
  • Support for speaking engagements at District Assemblies, PETS, and District Conferences
  • Club or District recognition in our newsletters, annual report and Mission related media outreach
  • International goodwill and understanding.

RESTOR International acknowledges that there are many service projects clubs can choose from. We will help you with accounting for funds received, provide you with literature and make your project as easy as possible. RESTOR International is not part of Rotaplast International but it is a non-profit organization, in the model of other international service projects such as RotaDent, Safe Blood Africa or RotaPlant. We all provide opportunities for Rotarians to do good work.  We will send you a package of information about working with RESTOR International and materials to help you raise funds in your Club or District, just give us a call.

RESTOR International Asks Supporting or Sponsoring Clubs/Districts to Provide:

  • Funding for medical missions (sponsorship depends on location and ability of local Site Country Rotarians to cover hosting costs; Districts are urged to support half a mission and allow for pairing with another District so that financial impact will not be significant or interfere with any fundraising for the RI Foundation or Foundation Programs).
  • Appointment of a RESTOR International Ambassador if one is not already appointed.
  • Support of RESTOR International by the District Governor.
  • Organizing speaking engagement dates at Clubs.
  • Completed applications from members as potential non-medical team members.

If you have questions about which missions are in need of sponsorship or want to discuss sponsoring a mission please contact John McCormack.

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