A beautiful sunset settles over the plains just north-east of Bahir Dar, accenting a pair of Warka trees on a hill.  Below, a man is seen walking beside the road in this dry land.

Blog Plains outside Bahir

Plains outside of Bahir Dar.

The roads outside of town are covered with people, everywhere you go.  In the two weeks that we have been here at the Gamby Teaching Hospital in Bahir Dar, we have not wandered far!

Blog Making a Scarf

Just up the road from our hotel a woman works on one of the many colorful scarves that are seen everywhere.

Most of us took one day in the middle to explore a little of the country side, and occasionally would have a chance to explore the town a little bit before or after our shift.

Children attend "Sunday School" at the old Christian Orthodox church in Gondar.

Children attend “Sunday School” at the old Christian Orthodox church in Gondar.

Blog Furs in truck

A few young men load furs into the back of a truck.

Blog Girl at school

Young student at the local school.

Gondar has been called the “Camelot of Africa” in part because of several royal castles that date back many centuries.  Part of our team shown here on the steps of the Fasilides Castle, founded by Emperor Fasilides.

Blog Gondar Group 1

Part of our team posing at one of the Royal Palaces of Gondar.


– Peter Schultz & Dina Kotler


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